We are pleased to announce that the 2025 TNJSF will be held at the Kean University STEM Building, March 21-23, 2025. We will also be welcoming students from Mercer County, which will be joining our territory in 2025. Students and teachers must go to tnjsf.zfairs.com to login and register projects.


If you are doing summer research that requires preapproval, you will be able request preapproval after May 31. The planned procedure (not yet iplemented on the public FAVR site) is described in these instructions.
The 2024 TNJSF was held March 23-24, at the Kean University STEM Building. There were 142 projects invited to exhibit, including 158 students. The judging, carried out by our cadre of interested professional scientists and engineers, resulted in awards to 82 of those projects.
The awards list is linked below, and each project is linked to its award list in the "Virtual Fair" link below.

Major Announcements for 2025

This year (2024-25) marks the 42st anniversary of the North Jersey Fair.
  • In 2023, we affiliated with the Terra Fairs rganization. The official name of the fair is now the Terra North Jersey STEM Fair or TNJSF.
  • In 2025, our territory is expanding to include Mercer County. All students in Mercer County will not be eligible to enter the TNJSF.
  • Students should go to tnjsf.zfairs.com We anticipate that the zfairs registration for 2025 will open on or about May 31, 2024. to create an account or to enter the fair.
  • We have released a new process to REPLACE the ISEF Forms submisson that has been required since the fair began in 1983-4. This system, known as FAVR (Forms Automation with Verification of Rules) will be used for ALL projects in 2025. Your initial entry will still be via the zfairs link (above), but the new system (FAVR) will download enough of your information from zfairs to initialize the project. You will then receive (within about a day) an email with instructions on how to login and continue with FAVR. The new system will handle all approval forms and signatures, EXCEPT for Form 7 (continuation project). The abstract and presentation file will still be uploaded via zfairs.
  • The TNJSF-2025 will be held at Kean University, in Union, NJ, March 22-23.
The Terra North Jersey STEM Fair is a high school student competition in all STEM fields, in which students, individually or in groups, present a wide variety of projects. Most of the projects are investigative in nature, posing and attempting to answer some question or problem, either through experimentation and design or in a theoretical sense. All areas of science, math, and engineering are included. The fair accepts entries from ten counties of northern New Jersey: Bergen, Essex, Hunterdon, Middlesex, Morris, Passaic, Somerset, Sussex, Union, and Warren. The home page for the TNJSF is https://tnjsf.zfairs.com.

Our Mission

The mission of the TNJSF is to support, encourage, and recognize student involvement in scientific research. It is our belief that students can only truly appreciate the creative nature of the scientific process if they have actually experienced it themselves. In addition, we endeavor to provide resources which further this overarching goal, including giving students various opportunities to interact with professional scientists and engineers. The opportunity to partake of the TNJSF itself as well as the other resources we offer is intended to be open to all high school students in the northern NJ region.

ISEF Trips

Since its inception, the NJRSF has sent over 150 students to the International Science and Engineering Fair. These trips are supported by the general funds of the fair, which are drawn both from major corporate sponsors and from support by individuals. Starting in 2023, the ISEF finalists for the Terra NJSF will be directly supported by the Terra organization. We welcome all contributions to the fair effort. For details please email tnjsf@terraed.org. See our Individual Contribution page for further information.

Territories for ISEF-affiliated Fairs in the Region

Students in other NJ counties not covered by another ISEF affiliated fair, may enter the TNJSF. All counties south of Mercer are covered by Delaware Valley Science Fairs. Students with individual projects in Mercer County should enter the Mercer Science and Engineering Fair, run by the Mercer Science and Engineering Club, Inc. (This fair does not accept team projects, so those projects can enter the TNJSF under our agreement with ISEF.) Students in Hudson County should enter the Jersey City Medical Center/RWJ Barnabas Health Hudson County STEM Showcase. Students in all programs at the Bergen County Academies should enter the BCA Research Expo.

The TNJSF provides the only route for students from the ten counties named above to gain entry to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), administered by the Society for Science and the Public in Washington, DC. A list of helpful links are given at the left for information on these associated entities.

In cases where the region is in question (i.e. for teams that cross fair boundaries), then an ISEF rule presides, which states that no student may enter more than one regional fair affiliated with ISEF. That also means that a student may not enter as an individual in one fair and as a team in another. One student can only be involved in one project in one regional fair.