Selecting the Projects To Participate

We impose a limit of 15 projects per advisor/sponsor and 20 projects per school.

Since we are using the zFairs software for 2023, there is no way for us to automate this restriction. We will have to rely on manual processes to implement the desired limits.

Approximately a week before the Entry Deadline, we will contact any school or advisor still exceeding these limits, and ask you either to remove projects to meet the limits, or to notify us which projects to remove. If the limits are exceeded at the entry deadline, we will remove projects in reverse order of entry number to meet the limit.

Phase I Judging

After the entry deadline, the projects entered at that point will be regarded as official entries in the fair. All projects remaining as entries, and approved by the SRC, will be reviewed in the Phase I Judging, which is the first step of the judging for the fair. This Phase I Judging will be based on the research plan and submitted abstract.

The projects remaining after the Phase I Judging will be invited to exhibit at the fair. We anticipate a total exhibit size at that point of about 100-120 projects. It should be emphasized that the projects that are entered but do not pass the Phase I Judging will still be regarded as entries in the fair, and will be included in the official list of projects posted after the fair.

Any questions about this process should be directed to either the Fair Director or the Judging Coordinators.