Entry Status for Sponsors

The access to project status information is now controlled by the zFairs software. Therefore the summary and detailed information you're accustomed to seeing on the active pages of the old NJRSF site will no longer be available. After you login as a teacher on the new TNJSF website, at, you should see choices to view status for your students' projects.

The zFairs system also makes extensive use of emails for reporting status, so please contact us if you think you are not receiving emails. You should put in your contacts to make that problem less likely.

Signing Student Forms

Signing will be FAR easier if you students use the FAVR system. If they do, then the signing will take place within that system, and no longer involves Adobe digital signatures.

Please use a digital ID signature!. Signatures that place images on the forms are readily faked by anybody. For that reason, we want digital ID signatures (ie: a signature box created by Adobe Reader or Acrobat, and traceable to an email address) or, for sponsors, the signing ability on zFairs. It is easier for us if you use digital IDs, since the zfairs signatures are not standard, parseable signatures, and do not trace to an email address.

Since we are finding that the digital ID requirement is sometimes difficult for parents, we have decided to accept image signatures on 1B.

How to construct a digital ID

Viewing Student Form Status

Again, using FAVR is far easier. Your FAVR dashboard will summarize the status of all your projects which are using FAVR

We have put in place (Dec 8) a mechanism for you to view the form status for your students. You can go to, and put in the entry number (e.g. SR-036, or just 36),
The system will email you a code (good for 30 minutes)), which you can enter on the next screen to obtain a formatted report, detailing the forms which have been reviewed and any problems.

I note this isn't as satisfactory as the immediate feedback on form validation that the students have had in previous years, since it depends on manual processing by the committee, but in the absence of form validation on zFairs, it is at least something we can provide. The SRC review, therefore, occurs now in two stages. The first stage is the validation of the forms. When the forms pass that validation, which checks for required fields, signatures, and (in some cases) appropriate content, the project is then entered on the queue for the SRC Review, which is focused on the scientific content, safety, and appropriate supervision. You will receive an email for each project when the forms validation has been completed, with or without approval. If the forms do not pass validation, the problems must be addressed before they can be reviewed by the SRC.