Adult Sponsor Requirements

Students must have an Adult Sponsor sponsor their project at the TNJSF. An Adult Sponsor can be a teacher, parent, or other mentor (professor and/or other professional scientist).

The Sponsor should have a sufficient scientific background to discuss the safety aspects of the project with the student and to ensure that the student has the appropriate supervision for the level of risk and difficulty in the project. If the Sponsor is not supervising the work directly, then the student should submit the proper paperwork to identify a Qualified Scientist and/or a Designated Supervisor.

Paperwork Requirements

The Sponsor will always be the signer on the TNJSF Entry Form and Sponsor Acknowledgement. On that form, there is an ethics statement, permission for use of images in publicity, and questions as to whether the student has a mentor other than the Sponsor and whether the Sponsor is supervising the work. The remaining paperwork depends on the answer to the latter two question. (Note: appropriate supervision is a requirement.)
If the sponsor is the Qualified Scientist
If the sponsor is not the Qualified Scientist
If the student has no mentor other than the sponsor, then the Sponsor is responsible for submission of the following forms
  • ISEF Form 1, Sponsor Checklist On this form the Sponsor reviews and documents the other paperwork requirements for the project.
  • Form 1CC-Other Mentor: If there is no other mentor, then the Sponsor must complete this form after the work is completel It must be submitted by the entry deadline, but can be updated until the SRC clearance deadline.
  • Form 3-Hazardous Equipment if the student is using any hazardous chemicals, procedures, or processes, then the Sponsor must complete this form, and sign it, in consultation with the student.
  • Any other forms required for the project must be signed by the Sponsor.
If the student has another mentor, but the Sponsor is supervising a portion of the work, then the Sponsor is expected to submit the following:
  • ISEF Form 1 Sponsor Checklist On this form the Sponsor will document who the other mentor is, and whether the Sponsor is acting as a supervisor for any of the work.
  • Form 1CC-Other Mentor: This form is still required in this case if the Sponsor is acting as a supervisor.
  • If the Sponsor is also acting as a supervisor, they may sign other required paperwork, providing they have the expeertise to do so. If there is a Qualiofied Science (Form 2) then the Sponsor should be named as Designated Supervisor in this case.
  • If there is NOT a Qualfied Scientist, then the other mentor should ALSO submit the Form 1CC. This means that there will be two copies of the 1CC required in this instance.
  • The Sponsor will ensure that adequate supervision is provided and that all required forms are submitted.
If the student has another mentor and the Sponsor is NOT supervising any of the work, then the Sponsor's paperwork requirements are as follows:
  • ISEF Form 1 Sponsor Checklist This form summarizes the other documents needed for the project.
  • The Sponsor does not submit the Other Mentor form in this case, but it is their responsibility to advise and assist the student in obtaining and document adequate supervission.
  • The Sponsor will sign no other forms (unless they sign the 1B as a parent).

In general, the Sponsor is responsible for ensuring the student’s research is eligible for entry in the TNJSF.