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TNJSF Judge Registration

With the transition of the NJRSF to become the TNJSF and to use zFairs, our judge registration process will also be moving to zFairs, so it will be quite different from our previous process. At this writing (Sept 8) we are hoping to be able to port our judge records from the NJRSF site to the TNJSF zFairs site, but that transfer is not yet accomplished. For that reason, we are delaying opening this site for judge registration while we work on it. Once judges are authorized on the site, you will find a choice of "judge" for your role in the account setup procedure. For now, that choice is not there. We will get an announcement out, with instructions, after we open judge registration. That announcement will be emailed from fairdirector@njrsf.org. Future communications other than that will be sent from the TNJSF zFairs site.

The links below give some general information about judging at the TNJSF.

How the judging works at the TNJSF

Judging Criteria

Judging Guidelines