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Enter over the web The all-electronic registration process is now up and running for 2017. You should note that all SRC forms processing is now electronic, and students are expected to upload their ISEF forms on the website. The forms to be used are available from the ISEF site. For convenience, we have also transferred a set to the NJRSF site. The Entry Status page on the dropdown menus for students and teachers is the driver for this process, and you should use it. Note that teachers sponsoring students must now be registered on the website. For further information see the description of the entry process and the page that goes into detail about the document handling questions. Electronic copies of all the forms required are available on the NJRSF site.

The students will need to submit abstracts shortly prior to the fair. Upload Abstract
The student will need their entry number and the phone number registered on the site (for the student or any group member in the case of a team project).

Intel Excellence in Teaching Award
Intel sponsors a teacher award which includes an all-expense paid trip to ISEF and a $20,000 grant to the top winner.
Certification of projects
If your students are working on a project involving vertebrate animals, human subjects, recombinant DNA, or pathogenic materials, be sure you read this discussion of the certification requirements. It includes links to the on-line ISEF rulebook, as well. Note that the certification deadline is Dec. 1.

The NJRSF Judging Process

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