Student Information

Entering for 2017 The entry process is tied to your website membership role. You must be enrolled as a student to register. Once you have your account set up, click here to enter the fair. Note that you will need an SSP student ID. The link is on the registration form to obtain one if you do not yet have one.

For further information see the description of the entry process and the page that goes into detail about the document handling questions. Electronic copies of all the forms required are available on the NJRSF site. Monitor your entry status. It is very important that you monitor this screen to see whether there is action required on your part. (You must be logged in for this link to function properly.) Be sure you pay special attention to the SRC status line, as there will be very important messages there, often requesting additional information or forms related to your project.

Submit your abstract This link also appears on your Entry Status screen, but it is given here as a reminder that this is usually the last step before you go to the fair. the abstract deadline is usually a little over a week before the fair.

Schedule information will be posted shortly before the fair. This schedule rarely changes much from year to year. So you can check the schedules from previous years to get an idea of what it is like.

Writing an effective abstract

Certification of projects
If you are working on a project involving vertebrate animals, human subjects, recombinant DNA, or pathogenic materials, be sure you read this discussion of the certification requirements. It includes links to the on-line ISEF rulebook, as well.

The NJRSF judging process

ISEF Rules and Regulations

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