NJRSF Students Take Top Awards at ISEF

The finalists for the ISEF trips are shown onstage at the NJRSF awards ceremony, March 12, 2016. Left to right: Timothy Bizub, Isabella Impalli, Christina Ping, Rachel Gleyzer, Shaila Humane, Alon Millet, Gianna Fantell, Vini Tripathii, Jiwoo Lee, Rachel Han, and Ken Lyons (fair director). Photo courtesy of Boris Slavin.
Our five ISEF trip winners for 2016 were Gianna Fantell, Shaila Humane, Jiwoo Lee, Alon Millet, and Vini Tripathii. They had an amazing week at ISEF in Phoenix, May 8-13, walking away with an impressive list of awards and many exciting memories. Gianna was interviewed by Science News about her snake color-distribution project, and we are expecting to see that in print soon. Shaila, Alon, and Vini all took second place in their ISEF categories (an honor extended to only about 4% of the entrants). Jiwoo took first place with her invention of a new approach to cancer, that in essence forces cancer cells to attack themselves. In addition, she received the Best Of Category award, and, to cap it off, a trip to India next fall for the Indian national science exposition. In receiving these awards our students competed with, and had a chance to meet, over 1750 students from nearly 80 countries around the world. It was a great week, and one of the best finishes we've seen in terms of awards in the history of the NJRSF.

Congratulations to all of our ISEF finalists!