Adult Advisor Requirements

Students must have an Adult Advisor sponsor their project at the NJRSF. An Adult Advisor can be a teacher, parent, or other mentor (professor and/or other professional scientist).

The Advisor should have a sufficient scientific background to discuss the safety aspects of the project with the student and to ensure that the student has the appropriate supervision for the level of risk and difficulty in the project. If the Advisor is not supervising the work directly, then the student should submit the proper paperwork to identify a Qualified Scientist and/or a Designated Supervisor.

The Advisor is responsible for completing the ISEF Checklist for Adult Sponsor (Form 1) and for reviewing the content of the necessary NJRSF and ISEF forms for compliance with NJRSF and ISEF rules. The Advisor must also read and web‑sign the NJRSF Entry Form and complete the online Sponsor Acknowledgement form.

The Advisor is responsible for ensuring the student’s research is eligible for entry in the NJRSF.